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"Whiskey" Pete

OK, Pete. Smile for the camera...Oops, you're eyes are closed.


Let's try this again. Now try to keep your eyes open...

Geez, Pete. Should we get out the toothpicks? One more time...


Hey! Where are you going? We're not done, yet. We need a picture for your web page.


I guess the first question everyone always wants to know is “Just how did I get this name?”  Well my father has a weird sense of humor and decided to name me after a camp dog he adopted in the Philippines during his first tour of Operation Enduring Freedom.  He claims the dog had a bad limp, the mange, and generally looked like a dog’s version of a hobo.  For some reason he admired this dogs spirit-- a mixture of street smarts, confidence and humility all wrapped up in the ugliest dog you could imagine.  Of course the US army strictly forbids soldiers from adopting local dogs, which virtually assured the dog a daily supply of MRE’s.  Despite being a soldier for life, my father hates to be told what to do.  Another trait my mother says I inherited from the old man.

Pete and Haley

All who know me well say that I’m definitely a chip off the old man’s block.  The old man claims I would be a natural “Green Beret” because even though I’m almost too hideous to look at, people are still drawn to me.  There’s no one that I come in to repeated contact with that doesn’t say I’m their favorite dog.  I can’t help myself - I’m just charming by nature.  From the mailman to the garbage man to the UPS man, they bring me gifts on a regular basis just for letting them rub my silly looking ears. Hell the neighbors make sure to leave the dog door open so I can come in at night and watch television on their couch. 

And then there’s Haley.  The most beautiful dog I’ve ever laid eyes on (Cessie is beautiful too, but she’s my sister and that’s just sick to talk about your sister that way). Haley can’t resist my charms. When she’s visiting her aunt and uncle down the street, she sneaks out in the morning and climbs into bed with me.  The old man doesn’t really like this since she usually licks him in the face.  There’s nothing like a 90lb Rhodesian Ridgeback licking you in the face first thing in the morning. 


Mom says I’m “handsome”, but I know what she really means is, I’m so ugly I’m handsome.  Kind of like John Wayne or an old picture of General George Washington.  I keep Mom company when Dad’s away chasing bandits. She fusses at me a lot for chasing the cows but I think she understands that no self-respecting dog can stare at cows all day and not give chase.  I’m also responsible for chasing off the coyotes; the bastards tried to kill Cess and if I can ever catch the skinny little son-of-bitch there will be hell to pay. Well I better run now - chores to do and I still need to chase the cows today.  They’re looking a little fat and this dog doesn’t tolerate “fat bodies”.

I'm absolutely adorable...
My girlfriend, Hayley, snuggling with my Dad on one of her visits. I let her get away with anything



Yeah, that's a mole. Caught it myself. Never seen Mom so happy - it was ruining her planting beds.

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