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Like It Is Your Last Day

Here is my philosophy -  If it is difficult...forget it.  If I don't want to...I won't.  And if the sun is out while I'm vacationing in Florida, I'm hanging my head out the window.  In fact, I may just fall asleep this way...oooohhhh, this sun feels good.
-Whiskey Pete
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Keeping Busy

I share Pete's sentiment about the sun.  I spend hours outside in the spring and summer planting flowers, weeding, deadheading, digging, etc.  It just doesn't get more peaceful or relaxing.  The birds chirping, the warm sun shining, the beautiful plants  If I'm not outside, I'm thumbing through plant and seed catalogs.  Or I'm in the greenhouse.

Check out the Dahlia collection.   SOLD OUT!

America, The Beautiful

If you have never traveled by automobile across the US, you just don't know what you're missing.  I was completely amazed the first time and justfiably impressed each time thereafter.  I'm not sure how many times I've made the trip or how many more times I will. As long as Michael's job keeps us moving around, I'm sure I'll be making the trip again and again to visit friends and family back home.  I would like to move closer to the East Coast - impressed with this great land or  not, it is a long drive from Washington state to North Carolina! 


There are always more projects than time.  Here are a few of the "completed" ones: Outdoor projects like garden obelisks (pictured left) and planter boxes; Home improvement projects like my sister's kitchen; and furniture projects like Michael's desk.

Small changes can mean big results.

Two old broke commandos.


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